The official cruise director of A.D.A.G. joins us again to talk about when cruises will return and what is going to be different. Join Dale Irvin, Tim Slagle, and Carolyn Strauss, along with Cruise Director Rich to find out when we can go sailing again.

AnneMarie Cummings, author of the book, Baby Boomer Bonding, joins the three boomers to talk about her latest project, turning mansions into affordable retirement residences. When you hear her, you'll want to find out more about her newest retirement residence project...in Italy.

The Three Boomers talk to Winton Churchill, no relation to Winston, and he is the author of the book "The New Retirement." He taught us how to make money in retirement and has valuable information for all boomers.

What can we learn from a 146 year old world leader? You'd be surprised at the wisdom he has for baby boomers. Join Dale, Tim, and Carolyn and they delve into the past and chat with an interesting historical figure.

The three boomers chat with sex expert Elaine Pasqua to talk about what happened to our sex lives and how we can get it back.

The three boomers talk about smells we remember from summers long ago. See how many of these scents you remember from growing up boomer.

The three boomers talk with Karl Mecklenburg, a six time Pro Bowl linebacker for the Denver Broncos. He teaches us how to use things learned in football to create a more successful life.

The three boomers join cyber-security expert Rick Ziemek from IdentyIQ, a service to protect your identity from being stolen, and discover why baby boomers are prime targets.

Travis Luthor is the author of "The Fun side of The Wall", a book about retiring in Mexico and he joins the three boomers to discuss what boomers need to prepare for when they make the move down south.

The three boomers talk with Ed Prentiss, founder of Creageless, a forum for creativity for those over 40. Learn how to be more creative and develop new ideas in any area at any age.

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