This week the three boomers, Dale Irvin, Tim Slagle, and Carolyn Strauss talk to author Star Bradbury about how to prepare for aging. Valuable information for boomers and their kids.

The Three Boomers, Dale, Tim, and Carolyn, talk with Bill Humbert, The Recruitment Guy. If you're not ready to retire, he has tips about using your life expertise to your advantage. And, intriguing stories about hitchhiking across the U.S.

The Three Boomers, Dale, Tim, and Carolyn, take a reflective look at 2020, a year to be forgotten.

Now that Christmas has come, the legendary Elf On The shelf is out of work until next year. But the Three Boomers caught up with him before he went on vacation and learned more about what his life is like. This is a fun interview you will not hear anywhere else.

The jolly fat man from the North pole joins the Three Boomers for a discussion about Christmas past, and Christmas present. We're glad he took time out of his busy schedule to join us.

Clay animation is a fascinating aspect of making movies and this week, the Three Boomers interview fellow boomer and professional clay animation artist Randy Boyum. Discover how much work goes into every clay animation movie and have a lot of laughs to boot.

Baby Boomers seem to love the news and this week Dale, Tim, and Carolyn look at important yet very odd stories that you may not be aware of.

The Mayflower was the first cruise ship to dock in the new world and the 3 Boomers interview the cruise director on that ship. In our ongoing series of famous people who are no longer above ground, you'll meet cruise director Oliver and hear what that trip was really like. Plus, it's our 100th episode, who knew?

Author Joanie Marx joins the three boomers to discuss how to renew and focus your life during a pandemic. And of course, we made it funny.

As baby boomers, we are not far away from possibly needing a caregiver. But what do you look for? How do you know if they're good. Breeda Miller, a certified Caregiving Consultant joins Dale, Tim, and Carolyn, to talk about finding a caregiver when the time is right.

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