The three boomers talk with Karl Mecklenburg, a six time Pro Bowl linebacker for the Denver Broncos. He teaches us how to use things learned in football to create a more successful life.

The three boomers join cyber-security expert Rick Ziemek from IdentyIQ, a service to protect your identity from being stolen, and discover why baby boomers are prime targets.

Travis Luthor is the author of "The Fun side of The Wall", a book about retiring in Mexico and he joins the three boomers to discuss what boomers need to prepare for when they make the move down south.

The three boomers talk with Ed Prentiss, founder of Creageless, a forum for creativity for those over 40. Learn how to be more creative and develop new ideas in any area at any age.

The three boomers talk to president Bill Clinton and the man behind the voice, Damian Mason.

Damian is a business speaker who brings boomers advice on "What Comes Next."

We have fun while we learn a lot.

The three boomers are joined by a midwest couple who retired in Mexico. Learn about the good life south of the border.

This week the three boomers discuss, what else, COVID-19 and insert as many laughs as they can into a serious subject.

Last week, Barack Obama endorsed Joe Biden for president, but listen to what he said when the three boomers talked to him earlier this year, on President's Day.


Inventor and entrepreneur Julie Holmes joins the three boomers to discuss how to take an idea and make it a reality.


This week we revisit our interview with NY Times bestselling author and frequent guest on Fox News, Larry Winget. He's got great advice, and opinions on everything.

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