The three boomers talk this week with speaker and author Bill Humbert about his new book, "Expect Success! The Science of the Over 50 Career Search. If you're a boomer and looking for work, this is the episode for you.

This week the three boomers pre4sent you with all GOOD news. We have enough problems to worry about so take some time for nothing but good news and a lot of laughs.

The Three boomers, Dale Irvin, Tim Slagle, and Carolyn Strauss, chat with Jeff Owens who has lived in Hawaii his entire life. Jeff lets us boomers know how to live the Aloha Life to make us happier, more productive, and more in touch with others. It's the best tips from paradise, and of course, we made it really funny.

Pandemics and baby boomers don't go well together. So how can we cope? This week Dale Irvin, Tim Slagle, and Carolyn Strauss chat with speaker and author, Marcia Daszko about her book, "Pivot Disrupt Transform." Join us to learn more and, as always, have a good laugh.

Join Dale Irvin, Tim Slagle, and Carolyn Strauss as we take a look at the annual feeling known as Spring Fever.

Dale, Tim, and Carolyn chat with Lance Miller, a man of many experiences around the world. Lance shares the concept of how to use your experiences to improve your life

The seasons of Easter and Passover occur together this year, and we wanted to know the difference. So the three boomers, Dale, Tim, and Carolyn chated with Rev. Michele Madrono of Mlie High Church to learn more about the differences and similarities, while we all laugh alot.

As baby boomers, we should expand our horizons by filling our extra time with something useful. Meet Ron Culbertson, professional speaker who fills his time by volunteering as an emu. A good example for us all. And, we make it all funny.

If you are a boomer who thinks they are over the hill, this is the show for you. Dale, Tim, and Carolyn talk with Kathleen Sinclair, the 77 year old author of the just released book "F--K Aging", although in the actual title, all of the blanks are filled in. 

Kathleen shares ideas for getting the most out of the time you have left. It's informative and a lot of fun.

Join the three boomers, Dale, Tim, and Carolyn, as they look at the upcoming Academy Awards with film reviewer, Vickie Quade. Get informed about all the nominated pictures and have a good laugh.

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